lumpgoesthepoo (lumpgoesthepoo) wrote,

OMG!!!!!!!!...What a day my mom wakes me up at 6:00 AM!!! and shes like Your Grandmas Arm hurts really bad
and i just called the amulance..:\ i knew what was comming yea the abulance guys come and took her and yea i gotta go with her.........(F.Y.I there is nothing wrong with my grandma shes does this like every 6 months for some attention) yea shes like acting like shes dieing and yea the nurse was like thinking shes crazy .. Anyways For lunch me and my cuz decide to go to jack in the box and there was this mexican dood (Looked Psyco..Homeless guy) sitting there,And so i decide to use the bathroom and like im pissing he comes in and is like Amego i need 2 dollers(Yea i though I was eather gonna get raped or killed) hes like i want 2 dollers so im like dood i dont have 2 dollers i payed credit hes like I want 2 dolers!!!!!!!! so yea with my dick hanging out i worked my way to the door and like Left..So yea he came out and we gave him 2 bux cuz we felt bad and he goes okay amego i gotta go hes like i just came from canida and im off to new york.. LOL im like have fun hes like "see dat bike, i use dat to travel " such a Fucken Cokehead ....Yea i get back and At 2 i left the hospital so yea wat a day....

1.No sleep
2.Almost got raped
3.Got to use the staff Elevator
4.Stole Soup from the cafiteria Cuz i thought its free :)
5.Found out the Number 11 song on the UsEd cd is the shit.
6.Spent 8 hours doing nothing
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