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Happy new Year

Hey i stoped Writing in this lol keit was right it does get old...... Yea umm New years was kool went to 2 partys First went to elizas till 10:00 and then went to stacys till 11:30 and then went back to elizas to count down with them...over all it was really fun..... LOL both partys need more alcohol and ahahha we had a 2l of malibu and yea stacys party like 1/2 was gone in 5 min and we drank the rest at elizas (on the way to elizas) so yea we got pretty fucked up.....

Happy New year!!!

okay i wont write ina while so yea.. o yea im getting a digi cam so ill post some pics of us being gay and shit so yea look for that..
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