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So wat Biatch

Aight now... i got everything working pretty good, MY lj still looks gay but w/e my lil sis is gonna pimp it up l8er,So yea Worked today it was aight, Made 15 sales donno wat comish is on dat project but w/e im sure ill prolly get atleast 50 cents a sell (not including 7.00 im making anyways) yea o just found out the killers all playing 12/30 at vagus,so yea if u wanna go just I.M me and yea its only 28 bux a ticket i think, Yea i got my chrismas present early My ipod dam the koolest thing in the world yea and hopefully get a ds before newyears so yea,umm if u know how to put pics in the background leave me a comment or something i dont care just get a hold of me Biatch........
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